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    Apologetica Elemental 9 Apologetica Elemental "SUPER SET" Beginning Apologetics 1
    Apologetica Elemental 9Apologetica Elemental "SUPER SET"Beginning Apologetics 1
    APOLOGÉTICA ELEMENTAL 9: Cómo Contestar a los Musulmanes Padre Frank Chacon y Jim BurnhamCONJUNTO DE APOLOGÉTICAS ELEMENTALES Todos 10 folletos más El Guía de Estudias y Hallazgo de Versículos (Pida 2 conjuntos y subtraiga 10%; otras rebajas no se aplican)

    How to Explain & Defend the Catholic Faith




    Beginning Apologetics "SUPER SET" Beginning Apologetics Course Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
    Beginning Apologetics "SUPER SET"Beginning Apologetics CourseCompendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

    All of the Beginning Apologetics Booklets (1-9), PLUS the Catholic Verse-Finder ("Bible Cheat Sheet") and study guide for Beginning Apologetics 1.

    Set of 3 DVDs containing the Beginning Apologetics course, presented by author Jim Burnham in 13 one-half hour sessions.  Jim explores each chapter of the first booklet in the Beginning Apologetics series with passion and energy. 

    This 200-page volume offers a quick synopsis of the essential contents of the faith as promulgated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.





    Catholic Verse Finder (As Seen On EWTN!) Audio CD Sampler Christian Fatherhood
    Catholic Verse Finder (As Seen On EWTN!)Audio CD SamplerChristian Fatherhood

    The amazing "Bible cheat sheet" helps you answer the majority of non-Catholic objections.

    Fantastic Value! All 11 CD Sets for one LOW price and FREE SHIPPING

    By Steve Wood with Jim Burnham.  This best-selling book covers the eight commitments of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers and gives dads the tools they need to succeed as a husband and father.