Defending Marian Doctrines - Father Frank Chacon

Defending Marian Doctrines - Father Frank Chacon
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If a non-Catholic asking questions about Mary has ever stumped you, then this set of tapes will help! Step-by-step, Father Chacon explains each of the four doctrines concerning Our Lady: Mary, Mother of God, Perpetual Virgin, Immaculate Conception, and Mother Assumed into Heaven. In addition, he teaches the listener how to defend her position in our salvation, the reason why we honor her in a special way, and what her role is in our lives today.

Father Chacon helps you answer the tough questions:

  • Why do you and the Catholic Church idolize Mary?
  • Where are these Marian doctrines mentioned in Holy Scripture?
  • What about Jesus' brothers mentioned in the Gospel, doesn't that prove that Mary wasn't always a virgin?
  • If Mary was without sin, doesn't that put her outside of Jesus' Redemption of all men?

(2-CD Set)

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