Proving the Real Presence - Fr. Frank Chacon

Proving the Real Presence - Fr. Frank Chacon
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Father Chacon speaks of John 6, where "Christ covers the promise of the Holy Eucharist... this was a great test of faith - the only time in the Bible that Jesus' own disciples [not the Apostles] walked away because they would not accept one of his teachings... saying this is a hard saying, how can we endure this?" "If you know this chapter well, you can help wavering Catholics stay in the Catholic Church and you can help non-Catholics come into the Catholic Church. If you can take them step by step by step and show them that a very careful read of this Bible will immediately tell you two things:

1. Jesus Christ, indeed, meant what he said when he said we must eat his flesh and drink his blood.

2. There's a lot of spiritual power, a lot of grace that comes to us in receiving this precious gift of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ."

This tape takes you "step by step by step" through this chapter in the Bible, so that you might understand why "this Sunday, all over the world, millions of people receiving the One Body of Christ and it's not broken! We are called to believe. We are called to trust." Jesus says we can trust him. He fills our physical hunger and satisfies our spiritual hunger. Trust!

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