Incorruptibility of the Catholic Church - Father Frank Chacon

Incorruptibility of the Catholic Church - Father Frank Chacon
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Corruption theories such as the Great Apostasy and the corruption of the apostolic authority are addressed in this tape. Once again, Father Chacon takes the listener through

  • Holy Scripture
  • Church history with the Early Church Fathers and
  • Secular history

to make the point that a mass apostasy did not and could not occur during the Apostolic period, Middle Ages or in the time of Constantine. His arguments lead to questions that we can ask our non-Catholic friends:

  • Where does Holy Scripture allude to a mass apostasy as the Mormons describe it?
  • What part of "I will be with you always" don't you understand (Mt 28:20)?
  • If Mormonism was present since the time of Christ, did the Early Church Fathers teach Mormon doctrine and do they write of the Great Apostasy?
  • Does pagan history, that mentions other splits, mention the Great Apostasy?
  • And so much more
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