The Death Penalty, Pope Pius XII- Father Frank Chacon

The Death Penalty, Pope Pius XII- Father Frank Chacon
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Pope John Paul II has asked the United States to discontinue our use of the death penalty. Father Chacon clears up many misconceptions Catholics and non-Catholics have regarding the Catholic Church's stance on the death penalty. Even if you think you know the Church's position and why the pope has asked us not to use the death penalty, get the tape. Father Chacon's argument might surprise you.

He's not guilty. Popular media and modern authors paint Pope Pius XII as Hitler's Pope. Find out why the smear campaign against him is one of the worst! Learn why up until 1963, no one criticized him. In fact, the world praised him. Father Chacon goes into detail about the events that lead up to this misconception and brings into light the truth. He cites facts from many sources including the media who once reported that Pope Pius XII was

"a lonely voice speaking out against the Nazis" (New York Times Editorial).

Now, Father Chacon reports what the media chooses to ignore. (1 CD)

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